Wednesday, October 28, 2020

October Favorites - 2020 Edition


Hello friends!

Happy Wednesday!

Where has the time gone? It's time for another round of monthly favorites already. Let's dive right in!


When I found out this show was coming back, I was so excited! It's one of my absolute favorites! Every Tuesday, I make sure to have everything done and my tush is on the couch with a caffeinated beverage at promptly 7:58 pm. I love learning, especially when the topic is about the universe. 

Queen of the Damned - Anne Rice

I'm still working my way through my summer reading list -- devouring all things Vampire Chronicles. I'm just about done with the fourth book, only nine more to go. haha! Queen of the Damned is the third novel in the series and it's my favorite so far. There's a lot of history and mythology woven throughout the book and it was hard to put the book down. I also loved reading other characters' perspectives, the first time so far it's happened. I've never seen the movie, but it's now on my list of things to watch.

The third book in The Vampire Chronicles, Queen of the Damned, follows three parallel storylines.

The rock star Vampire Lestat prepares for a concert in San Francisco, unaware that hundreds of vampires will be among the fans that night and that they are committed to destroying him for risking exposing them all.

The sleep of a group of men and women, vampires and mortals, around the world is disturbed by a mysterious dream of red-haired twins who suffer an unspeakable tragedy. The dreamers, as if pulled, move toward each other, the nightmare becoming clearer the closer they get. Some die on the way, some live to face they terrifying fate their pilgrimage is building to.

Lestat's journey to a cavern deep beneath a Greek Island on his quest for the origins of the vampire race awakened Akasha, Queen of the Damed and mother of all vampires, from her 6,000 year sleep. Awake and angry, Akasha plans to save mankind from itself by elevating herself and her chosen son/lover to the level of the gods.

As these three threads wind seamlessly together, the origins and culture of vampires are revealed, as is the length and breadth of their effect on the mortal world. The threads are brought together in the twentieth century when the fate of the living and the living dead is rewritten. 

MIO - 3.24oz

In my quest to stay hydrated and actually drink water, I love MIO. Sometimes plain water just doesn't cut it and these flavored drops make me feel like I'm having a treat, sans calories. However, with the whole pandemic, it's not always easy to find. Nine trips out of ten, the MIO shelves are bare, or worse, only the gross flavors are left. My husband found this large version and I was delighted! The fruit punch is delicious! The orange tangerine is also a favorite of mine. If you're trying to cut back on soda or sugary drinks, give MIO a try!

Quick Popcorn Balls

Recently, I tried my hand at this nostalgic treat using a family recipe. They were so easy to make and even more delicious to eat! 

Peanut Brittle

While browsing the internet, I found a recipe for peanut brittle from House of Nash Eats. This is one of my husband's favorite treats and the recipe looked pretty simple. I bought a candy thermometer and made sure I had all the ingredients, and then I got to work. It was surprisingly easy to whip up. The only thing I did differently from Amy was putting it in a 9x9 pan instead of using a cookie sheet. When it finally hardened, it only took about two hours, we tried it -- incredible! It was hard for me to keep my face out of it haha! This is a recipe I'll return to for the holidays. I think it will make a wonderful gift for neighbors and friends!

Videos That Stood Out This Month:

Storing Body Fat || Thiccc or Fake??? || Plastic Vs. Real??? - Greg Doucette

Pewdiepie VS Channing Tatum || Who Did it Best??? - Greg Doucette

Your Brain Has a Secret Mode, This Is How to Unlock It - Thoughty2

And that's a wrap! What were your favorite things this month? Let me know in the comments! 


Sunday, October 25, 2020

Life is a Journey - October 2020 - Autumn and Efficiency


Hello friends!

Happy Sunday!

Is it really the end of the month? Where has the time gone? 

How have things been with you?

Over here, it's been top speed. My son is in the thick of school, my husband is busy with work, and I've taken on about 80 million yoga challenges. No, we don't ever slow down. haha! 

In all seriousness, life's been pretty good. I'm plugging away at writing, sticking with my workouts, and making (mostly) good food choices. I'm happy to say that my intercostal muscles have healed and I've faithfully done my warm up Feldenkrais movements each and every day. That's an accomplishment, my friends! Of course, my body aches every time the weather changes, which here in Ohio is like every 5 minutes. We've had a stretch of grey, rainy weather... I guess Autumn has made her arrival. The trees are changing color and my yard is blanketed with hues of gold, crimson, and burnt orange. It's quite pretty when the sun decides to grace us with his presence. 

But, we aren't here to chat about the weather. (Unless you'd like to, in which case, I'm game.) Let's get down to business. 


It's time to reflect.

How was your month? 

Did you encounter any setbacks?

Are you still plugging away?

Have you reached your goals?

Today is all about reflection, assessment, and building on our action plans.

I encourage you to take a little time to think about your goals. If things are going well, awesome! Keep at it! If they're not, you might consider revising your goals and creating a new action plan to get there.

Remember -- small changes overtime add up to life-changing results!

As for me: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Hamelin, Tonique (when the videos actually play properly) Buti, and my own yoga practice are the things that are working for me. The scale goes up and down, but my body composition is just about where I want it to be, so gravity can shove it! haha! I've recently been able to jump during cardio and my range of motion is coming back to me. I'm still working on flexibility, especially in the hips and shoulders. Splits will happen.. maybe. But I'm trying not to stress about it. I'm focusing on enjoying the journey.. and enjoying life.

Are you on Instagram? Do you love yoga or are you curious about starting? Why not join me for a yoga challenge or five? I wasn't kidding above, I'm co-hosting a variety of challenges -- a little something for everyone! 

Today starts #YogiGhouls, seven days of nostalgic fun! 

#MovieStarYogis is coming soon, embrace your inner movie star with us!

Nov 7 we'll be celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights. 

#YogisShowGratitude Nov 26 - 30 is all about, you guessed it, gratitude.

#YogisMashItUp Nov 30-Dec 6, combines music and yoga -- My favorite!

Dec 14 - 20 will be an epic yoga challenge honoring Queen.

#SantasSassyYogis is back for its third year! Join us Dec 18-24 as we get in the holiday spirit!

And I'm sure there will be a few more coming as well. Check out my Instagram and follow along so you don't miss a thing! 

Well my friends, that's all from me for now. What are you looking forward to most in November? Do you have any new goals? Leave a comment and let me know!

Have an amazing Sunday and a wonderful week!


Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Ultimate Halloween Playlist

Hello friends!

Happy Sunday!

Halloween is in 13 days! 


I didn't plan this, it just happened. 13 is also my favorite number. Coincidence? Hmm... 


This week, we're going to get in the spirit of Halloween with the ultimate music playlist! Grab a pumpkin, some candles, a bowl of candy, throw on your costume, and get ready to bust some moves. 

Happy moving, my pretties!



Sunday, October 11, 2020

Spice Up Your Workout Part 2


Hello friends!

Happy Sunday!

'tis the season of pumpkin spice and all things deliciously nice. 


I've never been a rhyming poetry type of gal, as you can see. When I write poetry, it's all freeverse. I'm not into following strict literary rules. 


Halloween is a time for candy and sweets. I love keeping a dish of candy corn on my counter to nibble on and I always have chocolate in the fridge. But with a sweet tooth this big, I have to keep myself in check, especially if I don't want to ruin all of my fitness progress. The struggle is real ya'll. 

Last year, I shared a post filled with fun ways to switch up your workout. I thought it would be a great time to come up with another list.

As I've gotten older, I've realized the importance of just sticking with what I know works. If you've been around here for a while, you know I'm a Hamelin D'Abell, Tonique, and Buti Yoga girl. But every once in a harvest moon, I'll come across a video that piques my interest. It's fun to do something different. With winter just around the corner, it's important to build up our arsenal of fitness videos just in case. 

Grab your coffee and let's dive right in!

Pussycat Dolls - React | Caleb Marshall | Dance Workout

If you love to dance and want to get a little sassy, this is the perfect workout for you! The moves are easy and Caleb breaks it all down for you. His energy is contagious -- this little dance will leave you feeling confident and sexy!

Pumpkin Workout - Carve Some Muscles on Halloween!

Who says pumpkins are only for carving? Anna takes you through some awesome strength moves that will leave you feeling tight and toned. Workouts are always more fun with props! 

SCARY TOTAL BODY WORKOUT...The 10-31-10 Halloween Full Body Workout

If you're looking for a serious workout, this is for you. While Athlean X is geared toward men, I've always found Jeff's information to be extremely valuable and relevant to my own routine. When I hurt my shoulders a few years ago, he was the one who really helped me recover. I've been an Athlean X fan ever since. 

25-Minute No-Plank Ab Workout With Jake DuPree

I love working my abs. My stomach has always been a problem area for me, as is common for many. This workout is killer! Jake is amazing and he will have your abs burning! 

Yoga For Healthy Blood Flow | Yoga With Adriene

And of course, it's never truly a workout list from me without including yoga. This little diddy from Adriene will stretch you out and have your body feeling oh so good!

And there you have it! 5 new workout videos to spice up your routine. Which one will you try? Do you have a favorite workout or method? Share it with me in a comment.

Have a boo-tiful week my darling friends!


Sunday, October 4, 2020

Halloween Decor Ideas


Hello friends!

Happy Sunday!

Today's post is very exciting indeed! 

I've been waiting for a while to share my Halloween décor ideas with all of you, so let's jump right on in, shall we?

Quoth the Raven "Nevermore!"

As you'll see, I love using my Scrabble tiles for the holidays. This year, I switched it up. I found a raven silhouette online, printed it out, cut it out, and set it on some brown packaging paper in an old frame. What a cute, unexpected decoration! 

All Hallows Eve Banner and Mantle Decor

I made this banner years ago from old book pages. (I have a box of old books just for projects like this.) I burnt the edges of the pages for an antique-like look and put them on a piece of black thread. This goes up over the fireplace every year!

I told you I loved my Scrabble letters. haha! I took one of my favorite lines from Ghostbusters to complement my LEGO Slimer. I also have my Witch hat, my old book of spells, and one of my all time favorite DIY items -- my Black Hat Society for Fine Witches trunk box. This year, I'm all about Looney Tunes as well. How cute is this Witch Hazel gnome? You can make your own Witch Hazel and a few other fun Halloween décor items -- Check out my article 4 Simply Adorable Halloween DIY Crafts.

Are you looking forward to The Great Pumpkin's visit this year? It just isn't Halloween without It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I have my orange LED lights, my cat tails, and that cute book page pumpkin! We also picked up this orange glitter pumpkin this year from Wal-Mart. It was only 98 cents!

The Great Pumpkin will definitely be visiting our pumpkin patch this year!

My son found this cute little spider at Wal-Mart, too. Isn't he adorable?

Another fun Looney Tunes craft this year, I just had to create my own Gossamer. He was so easy to make. If you want to try to make one, check out How To Make Your Own Adorable Gossamer where I explain it all.

I already have that wire spooky tree from several years ago, but I wanted to create another spooky tree from actual branches. It turned out better than I expected! I've since moved it to the floor and we added a cute little scarecrow decoration too.

This is now the home of our Ouija board. Last year I had it up on the wall, but our house ghost wasn't feeling it up there and kept pulling it down. I think this is a much better spot.

Wall Decorations...

I just love this Hocus Pocus spider web frame. It took more time to create than I expected, but it was well worth it! This looks amazing on the wall! There's even a little spider.. can you spot him?

And of course, the Deathly Hallows. I just had to have a wreath and what better theme than Harry Potter?

Every year, I put up the Celtic Cross Tarot spread. This year, I decided to add a sword spread as well. 

As of now, that's it... but I love Halloween so much and I find that sometimes I get inspired to add new pieces or create a new craft. Speaking of which, if you're looking for additional inspiration or some fun crafts to make with the kiddos, check out these links below. I've also included some yummy treats!

Other Craft Ideas:

7 Bootiful Ideas to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

How to Make a Paper-Mache Emoji Pumpkin Halloween Craft

Adorable Recycled Book Pumpkin Craft

DIY Monster Secret Treasure Box for Kids

Tie Dye Coffee Filter Monster Halloween Craft

Simple and Easy DIY Boxwood and Dried Rose Wreath

Halloween Treat Ideas:

Do you have a craft or treat idea you'd like to share? Leave a comment and let me know!

Also, keep an eye out on Instagram -- I'm co-hosting a spooky, fun yoga challenge for Halloween. It's going to be epic! 

Have an amazing week my friends!